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Super Bowl 51 at NRG Stadium in Houston is here, Todd Fuhrman and Payneinsider break down the side, total, and every prop bet they could think of from a betting angle.  The boys dive deep into prop bets, from players to novelty you name it; Lady Gaga hair color?  Luke Bryan National Anthem over or under?  Lots of angles to attack!

Deep dives into the side and total to conclude; Can Matty Ryan cement his legacy?  Will Dan Quinn formulate a game plan to slow down Brady like he did through 3 quarters in Super Bowl 49?  The Falcons defense has improved as the season went on, but will the sophistication of New England’s complex offense be too much for a young Atlanta secondary?  Points galore expected with the highest Super Bowl Total ever, will games this postseason continue to fly over?

As always, Dave Mason joins from to share where all the sharp and square action is for this weekends big game!

Mason Interview: 12:15-26:53
Props: 30:20 – 65:20
Game Preview: 67:21 – end